Student exchange programmes at Uppsala University

Here you can find all of Uppsala University's student exchange possibilities.

Press 'search' to see every university you can do an exchange at. Click on that university to find out more about what exchange possibilities we have there.

Or, read the search tips below to get the most out of the search function and find the exchanges that suit you the best!

Search tips

There are a number of different 'programs' that tell you more about a particular exchange possibility.

Uppsala University is also a member of three strategic networks. While you can find all of the networks' exchange possibilities via the frameworks above, you can also specifically search for exchange possibilities within these networks by choosing the corresponding framework

You can also search for exchanges available for students who study at a particular faculty or your department. Searching by department or faculty will show you any faculty or department specific exchanges and also the university-wide exchanges (as they are available to students studying at any and all departments and faculties at Uppsala University). If you are only interested in exchanges specific to your department you can select 'Department co-ordinated', or conversely you can select 'International Office co-ordinated' to see those exchanges that are open to all students.

Editor: Uppsala University International Office